Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Second Shooter

This time of year, I love to get out and make photos at the Granite State Snowshoe Series races.
This past weekend was the 4 mile Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Race in North Conway, NH.  I had my four year old that morning, but like any creative parent, saw opportunity in what could have been a barrier to making the race.  For the first time ever Joe Viger Photography was going to have a second shooter to capture the action.

My kids have been around cameras plenty.  I harass them for photos often.  We have point and shoot cameras around the house and they use them all the time.   But while Turner was familiar with the camera, I envisioned frustrations and cold hands.

But, I hoped for the best, bundled up the boy and off we went.  In the end, my second shooter for the day was a champ.  I'm a lucky Dad.

More so, he captured remarkable shots.  Of course, I'm his dad... I'm going to say that my kids is exceptional.  Take a look at this sample straight out of the camera and let me know what you think.

For the cynics, I didn't touch Turner's camera except to put in my pocket when the lure of playing in the snow became too great to make photos any longer.

And if you're curious, Turner's images are available for sale.  I think my image price list x2 is fair... after all he made these photos with mittens on.  I still don't know how he was depressing the shutter.
   My four year old second shooter ninja.

 Dad confers with Jim Johnson who later took 1st place on the route of the course.

 A fast pace out of the start!

 Self portrait of the artist

 Dad in action

 Scott Mason of Scott Mason Photography fame in front the lens for a change

I made the same, exact shot.  The kid has an impeccable eye for perspective.

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