Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Best of 2012 Part I: Landscape

For a couple of years now I've done a 'Best of..." blog post but this year it was particularly difficult to put together.  Maybe it's because I'm such a bad editor that I can't settle on five or ten images or maybe I'm just that self-indulgent that I'm going to cop out and offer more than one "Best of..." for 2012.

That's right... I'm going to hit y'all with not one but four "Best of 2012" blog posts.  This actually makes some sense.  In 2012, my work settled into four distinct categories:  Landscape, Mountain Running, People and iPhone.  More about how this happened later.  But for now, on with the show!

Landscape photography is where this all started for me.  A long time ago, I began schlepping cameras into the woods on all sorts of adventures on foot, on skis, on snowshoes and by paddle.  The only goal was to try to capture the moment I saw and felt as I experienced places and things so few ever get to see.  I'm not so hard core anymore and don't get out as much.  I barely ever sleep in a sleeping bag now and used to at least once a month all year long.  But, I still enjoy making photographs of nature.  So, Happy New Year to all and here are my favorite landscape photographs from 2012! 

As you can see, there are themes... I was location challenged this year.  

Pine Barrens Sunset
Freedom, NH

Holiday Shoot-5.jpg
Mt. Washington, NH

Rainy Day Birches II
Acadia National Park, ME

Monument Cove Morning 1
Acadia National Park, ME

Monument Cove Sunrise
Acadia National Park, ME

Chocorua Christmas Lights
Chocorua, NH

Evening Cow Pasture
Chocorua, NH

Sunset Clouds
Chocorua Lake, NH

Kovacs Korner
Apache Junction, AZ

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