Monday, December 28, 2009

Waiting Wall


Patient in the Wal-Mart bathroom. Shot with a Motorola Droid cell phone camera.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

This is not Rockefeller Center

My wife loves Christmas. And love manifest is our Christmas tree. We have a perfect spot for a tall tree, but after going through three tree stands in four years and having to rig intricate wire supports to keep the tree from falling on our kids, I had to put my foot down. I had to take a stand... If you're going to insist on the biggest tree in the forest as our Christmas tree, then get a stand up to the task. Undaunted, Jenny enlisted a friend's help in building the monster stand you see here. My wife has a new career goal... welder... and I support that. She did a swell job.

Look closely at these pictures. My lovely bride is just a tad over 5 feet tall. The three double hung windows you see are maybe 8 feet across. The beam above the windows is 9 feet off the floor. This tree is 15 feet tall!

I, of course, am two inches shorter from getting the tree from field to truck to living room. But, my wife loves it and my kids love it. So... I love it too.

This is not Rockefeller Center

The Biggest Tree Ever

Happy Holidays.

Thanks to Chip for helping build the stand. Thanks to saintly Kathy for helping get the tree in the house and occupying the boys with dough. Look at this flip by Bridger!

Flippin' Dough
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