Monday, January 28, 2013

Sidehiller in the Middle of the Road

The Sandwich Sidehiller Snowshoe Race in Sandwich, NH is a unique event.  About 100 runners turn out for the race that starts and finishes on the Sandwich Fairgrounds and winds through the surrounding woods for four miles in between.  This year, as is typically the case, the race was the Northeastern qualifier for the USSSA National Championship race in March.

Officially organized by the White Mountain Milers running club under the supervision of Race Director, Paul Kirsch, the race is also hosted by it's namesake, the Sandwich Sidehillers.  The Sidehillers are a winter trail club.  Odd bed fellows are runners and snowmobilers but the collaboration makes the race tic and the Sidehillers bring a great group of volunteers.

Volunteers are important because Sidehiller is one of the only snowshoe races that features a road crossing.  About a mile into the race, the course crosses Squam Lake Road before climbing into the trees for a two mile loop.  The Sidehiller trail club volunteers are key to extending the snow covered trail across the roadway and stopping traffic to allow racers to pass. 

I love the road crossing at this race.  It makes for exciting racing and great photography.  It's also prototypically New England.  The juxtaposition of athletes, snowmobile enthusiasts, running tights and Ford F350's is perfect.  Here are some images from the road crossing at this year's Sidehiller.  You can see more race photos at my website or Joe Viger Photography's facebook fan page.

Sandwich Sidehiller-12.jpg

Sandwich Sidehiller-7.jpg
Kristina Folcik, 1st Place Woman     La Sportiva

Sandwich Sidehiller-17.jpg

Sandwich Sidehiller-6.jpg
Chris Dunn, acidotic RACING

Sandwich Sidehiller-5.jpg
Kevin Tilton, 2nd Place Overall     inov-8

Sandwich Sidehiller-16.jpg

Sandwich Sidehiller-9.jpg

Sandwich Sidehiller-11.jpg
Scott Mason of Scott Mason Photography

Sandwich Sidehiller-15.jpg

Sandwich Sidehiller-14.jpg

Sandwich Sidehiller-8.jpg


Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Little Queen City


The SEE Science Center in Manchester, NH features the LEGO Millyard Project.  The project represents Manchester's Amoskeag Millyard as it might have looked circa 1900. The Amoskeag Manufacturing Company was commonly recognized as the largest textile manufacturer in the world by 1915.

City streets complete with a parade, railroad yards, the Pine Island Amusement Park, textile machines and worker housing is all part of this amazing display that is the largest permanent LEGO installation at minifigure scale in the world.

Images made with iPhone 4s and Snapseed.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Second Shooter

This time of year, I love to get out and make photos at the Granite State Snowshoe Series races.
This past weekend was the 4 mile Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Race in North Conway, NH.  I had my four year old that morning, but like any creative parent, saw opportunity in what could have been a barrier to making the race.  For the first time ever Joe Viger Photography was going to have a second shooter to capture the action.

My kids have been around cameras plenty.  I harass them for photos often.  We have point and shoot cameras around the house and they use them all the time.   But while Turner was familiar with the camera, I envisioned frustrations and cold hands.

But, I hoped for the best, bundled up the boy and off we went.  In the end, my second shooter for the day was a champ.  I'm a lucky Dad.

More so, he captured remarkable shots.  Of course, I'm his dad... I'm going to say that my kids is exceptional.  Take a look at this sample straight out of the camera and let me know what you think.

For the cynics, I didn't touch Turner's camera except to put in my pocket when the lure of playing in the snow became too great to make photos any longer.

And if you're curious, Turner's images are available for sale.  I think my image price list x2 is fair... after all he made these photos with mittens on.  I still don't know how he was depressing the shutter.
   My four year old second shooter ninja.

 Dad confers with Jim Johnson who later took 1st place on the route of the course.

 A fast pace out of the start!

 Self portrait of the artist

 Dad in action

 Scott Mason of Scott Mason Photography fame in front the lens for a change

I made the same, exact shot.  The kid has an impeccable eye for perspective.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Best of 2012 Part IV: People

This is the final installment of my Best of 2012.  As I said in my first post, looking back on 2012 my work in the last year can be grouped into four categories.  I've already shared with you my favorite landscape, iPhone and mountain running photos of the 2012.  The last subject that has been a focus for me this year are photographs of people.

My pursuit of interesting photos of people included the things I've always done like trying to artfully document the lives of my amazing children and senior portraits.  In 2012, I wanted to do portraiture and, as a result, I started doing studio work and initiated an ongoing personal project called the Mountain Runner Portrait Project.  I'm sure you'll see more of this work in 2013.

Tommy Manning
Tommy Manning,  US Mountain Running team

Chris Dunn of Acidotic Racing

Window Light
Leah Castellini

Katherine Violette




Jess Akara

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Best of 2012 Part III: Mountain Running

Photographing sporting events started slow in 2012 as the snowshoe racing season never really got off the ground with lack lustre snowfall.  The 2012 mountain running season was as exciting as ever with both the men's and women's US National Mountain Running Teams being selected in two races 20 minutes from where I live in sweet home New Hampshire. 

My personal interest in mountain and trail running continues to grow with beautiful venues and inspiration from both the physical prowess and down to earth kindness of the athletes.  I also had the good fortune to have several photos published for a couple of different running outlets both online and in print.  This year, I not only documented the races but also launched a new project called the Mountain Runner Portrait Project...  A look at these fast athletes standing still. 

I hope you enjoy my favorite mountain running images of 2012.

Marco De Gasperi
Italy's Marco De Gasperi, 6 time World Mountain Running Champion
Mt Cranmore Hill Climb Race    Conway, NH

Max King
Max King, 2011 US and World Mountain Running Champion
Mt. Washington Road Race     Mt. Washington, NH

Women's Start
The start of the 2012 Loon Mountain Race and the Women's National Mountain Running Championship.   Lincoln, NH

Jim Johnson wins Loon
Jim Johnson wins the 2012 Loon Mountain Race in Lincoln, NH

Stevie Kremer
Stevie Kremer
Loon Mountain Race and the Women's National Mountain Running Championship.   Lincoln, NH

Leslie O'Dell Beckwith
Leslie O'Dell Beckwith
Cranmore Mt Hill Climb   Conway, NH

Laura  Haefeli
Laura Haefeli, Mt Washington Women's Masters course record holder.
Mt Washington Road Race   Mt. Washington, NH

Jim Johnson, winner, congratulates  Kris Freeman, US Nordic Olympian.
Loon Mountain Race in Lincoln, NH

Krisztina Dearborn
Krisztina Dearborn, 2011 US Junior Mountain Team Member
Thanksgiving Day 5k    Madison, NH 

Tommy Manning
Tommy Manning
Mt. Washington Road Race   Mt. Washington, NH

Mt Washington Road Race-1.jpg
Eric Blake and Glenn Randall
Mt. Washington Road Race   Mt. Washington, NH

Mountain Gods (and a Goddess)
Mountain Runner Portrait Project #3:  Mountain Gods (and a Goddess) at the 2012 Mt Washington Road Race including several US Mountain Running Team members, former Mt Washington Winners, US Mountain Running champs and a World Mountain Running champ. Tommy Manning, Rickey Gates, Jared Scott, Brandy Erholtz, Max King and Jason Bryant.
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