Sunday, October 5, 2008

Working for a Living: Part Deux

Nobody should use a Huey Lewis song title twice and now I have. That just isn't right. Anyway... I'm posting again on this work theme trying to make up for being a slacker in September. Here's another post of stuff that I've been getting to play with at work.


The image above was used on a thank you card for customer presenters at our company's annual user conference. It's distinguished by being the first picture I took with a spiffy new SB-600 flash. This really is beginners luck because I had just opened the box from the UPS delivery about 15 minutes prior to taking the picture.

This is Sarah. She has assistant in her job title, but that really is contradictory. She is central to getting so much done that it goes well beyond anything resembling "assisting". In this case, she was a willing and able model. Little did she know that her picture would end up going to print. This image is part of an ad that is in final edit now.


Saturday, October 4, 2008

Working for a Living

September was a quiet blog month. Kids, sleep and work all conspired to limit time to make photos. Except of course more of those cute kid pictures that I'm restraining myself from posting. Something I have been doing with photography is to take pictures for use in marketing at work. I realized this week that there are now several of these photos in circulation or pending submission for upcoming ad. Its nice to mix business with pleasure.

These photos are all customers we work with. The images have been used for ads in Behavioral Healthcare magazine and/or on trade show and mail marketing pieces. This is Janet. She had the patience of a saint while I noodled around getting this picture.


Jeff was a natural in front of a camera. Good work for an IT Director. He was also a patient man. In search of the perfect spot, we made him wander around the old Lawrence, MA mill building where his offices are located for probably longer than we should have. I think we were having too much fun.


This is Chuck from Kentucky. He's a great guy. I made his picture this week at our annual user conference and it should appear in an ad next month.

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