Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Waiting for the Green

I love beech leaves. I found these in Freedom, NH when I stopped for a late day walk in the woods on my way home. It's not the spring flowers y'all are dying to see, but it's beautiful to me anyway. I made the photo with the Fuji x100s at 1/80th of a second and f/2.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Rainy Morning at Portland Harbor

From our hotel window, I could see the small sailboats chasing each other in the bay and knew it was windy. I had a photograph on my mind, so when we packed up to go home, I said I wanted to make a quick picture. I drove the block to this spot. I had seen these old pier pilings last year and the light was all wrong to make a photo. Jumping out in the rain with the x100s on the lightest tripod I own, I made a few quick frames. I remembered the camera's built in ND filter and with a push of a button, I had the slow shutter speed I was looking for. In my head, looking out the hotel window, this image was black and white all they way. It's funny how sometimes, the photograph just isn't what you thought it would be. I did a b/w version, but I was surprised that the luminance of the color version was the one that caught my eye.

Portland Harbor
Portland, Maine

Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Spring for this Chevy Special Deluxe

Emerging from the snowpack to see another spring is this rusted up old Chevy Special Deluxe. Somewhere near Gilead Maine.  The car has a sticker on the vent window from the Newport, Rhode Island Naval Base in 1955.   Imagine all the winding roads this car took in 60 years to go from Newport to this field in Gilead, Maine?  There's amazing story in there somewhere.

A Day on the Road and a Moment in Dixville Notch

Saturday I did something I really love to do. I drove 250 miles with absolutely no plan looking for what the world had to offer me. Randomly, I ended up in Dixville Notch, NH... home of the now closed Balsams Resort and the first place in the nation to vote in Presidential elections. It was still winter in the Notch with strong winds and heavy snow squalls, but there are always photos to be made!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Shifting Clouds Over the Carter-Moriah

This view is very familiar to me.  As a kid, we spent so much time in Shelburne, NH fishing, exploring the woods and visiting my Grandfathers camp in shadow of the Mahoosuc Range.  This photo was made almost directly in front of the famed Philbrook Farm Inn in Shelburne.  The view is looking south to the northern end of the Carter-Moriah Range.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New & Meaningful Exhibit

Yesterday I went to Berlin, NH to hang a new exhibit at Tea Birds Cafe & Restaurant and I hope some of you can check it out! Thanks to the kind folks at Tea Birds for the opportunity in their nice gallery space and Pics Crafted by Cathy' for helping organize!

It's exciting to do a show in my hometown, but more so because I had the opportunity to include several of my sister's paintings. As some of you know, Laura Viger passed in 2012 and was a wonderful artist.

Here's an excerpt from the bio I wrote for the show that sums up why this is so important to me...

"My earliest memories of my sister, Laura Lee Viger, involve art and painting. Growing up on Second Avenue, my sister’s bedroom was barely big enough for a twin bed and in spite of the small room; she always had an easel set up with a painting in progress. She frequently would draw for me, encourage me to be creative and help me figure out drawings of my own. Laura took art lessons at Leo Aubin’s studio on Main Street and she was a patient big sister when I wanted to be dragged me along too.

If I ever make a good photograph, it is undoubtedly because of these early experiences with art. My appreciation for composition, light, color and line all come from Laura. My sister gave me an amazing gift by helping me see the world in a way that has allowed me share my point of view with others. I’m so grateful for that. In her passing, I’ve come to realize that with photography, I carry her with me everyday."

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