Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yurt Time

Our yurt is now available for rent. Check this link to get more information and then come visit The Bennett Brook Yurt.

Night time yurt

Our yurt is an amazing place. Jenny and I lived here from from September to November, 2004. We had sold our house in anticipation of building a new home on Hatfield family land. The yurt was our temporary housing until a friend's apartment was ready for us. It was daunting to think about the two of us, plus a dog and a cat, cramming into 20 feet of circular living space. And cold weather was coming. Living in the yurt was one of the best fall seasons of my life. Except for the midnight outhouse runs, I know Jenny would agree. Yurts are remarkably comfortable structures and have what only can be described as "good karma". It just makes you happy being there. If nothing else, I would recommend a bit of yurt life to anyone considering building a house. Yurt living really forces you to understand your priorities for space and things. It would definitely cause some folks to re-assess their McMansion ideals.
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