Sunday, April 6, 2014

A New & Meaningful Exhibit

Yesterday I went to Berlin, NH to hang a new exhibit at Tea Birds Cafe & Restaurant and I hope some of you can check it out! Thanks to the kind folks at Tea Birds for the opportunity in their nice gallery space and Pics Crafted by Cathy' for helping organize!

It's exciting to do a show in my hometown, but more so because I had the opportunity to include several of my sister's paintings. As some of you know, Laura Viger passed in 2012 and was a wonderful artist.

Here's an excerpt from the bio I wrote for the show that sums up why this is so important to me...

"My earliest memories of my sister, Laura Lee Viger, involve art and painting. Growing up on Second Avenue, my sister’s bedroom was barely big enough for a twin bed and in spite of the small room; she always had an easel set up with a painting in progress. She frequently would draw for me, encourage me to be creative and help me figure out drawings of my own. Laura took art lessons at Leo Aubin’s studio on Main Street and she was a patient big sister when I wanted to be dragged me along too.

If I ever make a good photograph, it is undoubtedly because of these early experiences with art. My appreciation for composition, light, color and line all come from Laura. My sister gave me an amazing gift by helping me see the world in a way that has allowed me share my point of view with others. I’m so grateful for that. In her passing, I’ve come to realize that with photography, I carry her with me everyday."

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