Sunday, March 30, 2014

Checking in with the Fuji x100s

I feel like I haven't made serious photographs since early March when I shot about 10,000 race photos in two weeks.  I've been making pictures with the Fuji x100s as I go about my day and several landscapes have found their way to my Facebook stream.  One of the great things about the camera is it's with me almost all the time.

I do find myself looking for the Nikon and more lens flexibility when I'm shooting landscapes.  But the x100s is still lighting in bottle and keeps showing me great stuff.  Today was an example when my boys and I hit our favorite coffee shop for cocoa and cappuccino.

The light was nice from the big plate glass windows and I popped out to the car to grab the x100s. The boys and I always have a blast making photos of each other.  It must have been the cappuccino because my youngest was in rare form.  You get the many faces of Turner.  Of course I'm kidding about him being hopped up on cappuccino!  But, more importantly for our purposes here, this is the x100s pretty much straight out of the camera.  These photos are ultimately just snaps of my kid, but I also think they are beautiful images with great color, tone and contrast.  I'm always amazed at the way it handles shadow.  Sweet!!!  

So, you be judge....
By the way... do you think Fronside Grind in NoCo knows they have such great light in the afternoon? Dern it's nice!

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