Friday, May 11, 2012

Cloud Watching

Yesterday, the sun finally broke through days of clouds and rain.  I didn't have a clear plan of attack, but I knew I couldn't pass up such a beautiful evening and had to make some photos.  And so, off I went.  I headed north towards Mt. Washington, but part way there I had an inspired thought and turned left up the steep dirt road to Iron Mountain.

I think if I could live anywhere, one of the places I would consider is the small, wood frame farm house that sits in an open field near the top of Iron Mountain.  The field is at about 2,000 feet in elevation and has an amazing view looking north into Pinkham Notch with the Wildcat peaks/Carter Range on the right and Mount Washington and the Southern Presidentials on the left.

When I walked up into the field, the wind was blowing pretty hard but the 30 mph gusts somehow felt good. The wind was going to limit opportunities for photography, but it had been a busy week involving too much time in planes, hotels and rooms with no windows, so I headed out anyway.  More than anything, I just wanted to sit in that field and drink in the view of my beloved Pinkham Notch. I pulled up my hood, took a seat and watched the clouds while I made this time lapse so you could take in the view too.

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