Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Have a Cupcake!

One of the things I love about photography is being able to apply it to so many different subjects. Last week was a first for me... a food photography shoot. I visited Chelsy Dickinson at her home bakery in West Fryeburg, Maine and photographed a slew of fresh treats being prepared for Easter. By the time I left, my arms were full with dinner rolls, Oatmeal bread, chocolate cake, coffee cake and, of course, cupcakes.

It was an extreme test of willpower, but I'm proud to say I didn't sample anything and it all made it home so that I could make more photographs.  Of course after the shoot, the cupcakes were just sort of laying around.  And, you know, I hate to see things go to waste... I'll only say that I highly recommend Chelsy's key lime cupcakes.  Check out Chelsy Mae's Creations on the web, like her on Facebook and order up the best chocolate cake you'll ever eat!


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