Sunday, May 27, 2012

One Saturday in Maine aka You Can't Always Get What You Want

Prelude:  This isn't an overt Memorial Day post.  No flags.  No war memorials.  Then again, this post is exactly about what all the fighting and loss is for.  A way of life that us uniquely American and for that I am truely grateful.  On with the show...

Yesterday I set out looking for the next great photo opportunity.  As is often the case, a few ideas had collected in my head and that set the compass.  On this fine Saturday afternoon, it was jumping over the border and exploring Western Maine by Route 5.  I was hoping to check out a defunct ski area in Stoneham, explore some areas I had read about on the Sunday River and waterfalls in Grafton Notch.  Then I figured I'd return along the Wild River and through Evan's Notch... one of my favorite places anywhere.

The scenic stuff didn't pan out.  I was everywhere at the wrong time of the day, but we'll chalk this trip up to research and return in the fall.  What I did find are great slices of rural Maine and a fun day of shooting anyway.

I always have to stop in to see the fine folks at Bonnema Pottery when I'm in Bethel.  I've been collecting their stuff for a long time and one of my favorite mugs recently suffered some regrettable abuse, so it was time for a replacement.

Maine Car Hike-2.jpg

Maine Car Hike-1.jpg

As is sometimes the case, JoeBlog can be a bit of a local joint, foodie experience.  This little spot in the wilds of Newry, Maine is definitely local.  Photo adventure road trips require sugar and lots of it. This came just at the right time.

Maine Car Hike-5.jpg

My choices for dinner were to wait it out until I got back to "civilization" and fight the holiday weekend throngs of out of state plates or grab a picnic table at this place.  I thought Bob's Real Pit BBQ in Bethel, Maine had potential when I saw the smoker, but when I heard the cleaver chopping the pulled pork, I knew I was in for something awesome!

Maine Car Hike-8.jpg

Maine Car Hike-6.jpg

Maine Car Hike-7.jpg

Stay tuned for images from that Ski Area and one other abandoned gem!
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