Monday, March 14, 2011

Snowshoe Racing and Telling a Story

This past weekend I took pictures at the Granite State Snowshoe Championships at Great Glen in Pinkham Notch, NH. Each time I shoot a race, I like it more and more. I started shooting these events because a good friend of mine is active in the mountain running community and directs several races a year. I haven't traditionally been a sports shooter, but it seemed like it would be interesting and I'm always up for a good day outside. Right from the start I saw amazing athletes and met great people. The love they had for the sport was inspiring and participants appreciated a photographer willing to cover the race.

Reviewing images from my last race shoot in January and now editing this batch, I'm realizing the fun in shooting these races isn't just about getting a snap of each competitor as they run by. Getting shoots of the winners and losers is just the beginning. Stories are unfolding on the course and every racer is competing against a unique competitor... a rival, their age, themselves, a team mate, their equipment, the trail conditions, the weather. And the list goes on and on. Facial expressions and body language captured at 1/500th of a second helps us see the race with-in a race.
Keeping it on time
Race Director Chris Dunn checks his watch for an on time start and ponders his own race strategy.

Warming up
Men's winner Judson Cake leads a warm up in the shadow of the Northern Presidentials.

Stretching out before taking on the last half of a difficult 5k.

Snowbank Spectator

Equipment failure marks the end of the race for some.

Grinding it out
I had never pondered the impact of facial expressions in photographing sports. Amazing.

Finish Line
I love the little girl clapping on the right in contrast to the intensity of the race.

All Smiles
Women's Winner Kristina Folcik crosses the line. She smiles through out the whole race and wins.

Hard Fought Finish
Lunging at the line as rivalry heats up.

And now a word from our sponsors
And now a word from our sponsors.

See all of my shots from the Granite State Snowshoe Championship here
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