Sunday, August 25, 2013

Misty Morning Motivation

This morning, like most mornings,  I sat down with a cup of coffee at about 5:45 a.m. and watched the morning news streaming on my iPad.  Somewhere about halfway through that cup of coffee and after the weather report, I realized that this morning out little neighborhood on the Ossipee River and half a mile from Loon Lake was in the mist.  The last two nights have been cool and in a sure sign that summer is waning, the water is giving up it's heat and turning to mist.  Free of any other commitments, there were photographs to be made this morning!

I headed straight for Loon Lake with camera bag and tripod in hand.  On the way, I pre-visualized the shot of the little beach that I frequent with my kids.  The reeds and pickeral weed in the foreground.  Swim floats in the mid and the trees that line the shore of the cove beyond... and, of course, the mist.

It felt good to sit down with another cup of coffee to download images after my 20 minute photo adventure.  I edited the photographs while finishing that second cup.  Here's my favorite.

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