Sunday, December 22, 2013

The 2013 Holiday Card Photo Shoot

Last year, my boys and I had a great time cooking up a photo for our holiday card and we decided to make another one this year.  It's a fun photographic challenge to see what we can invent and what the final look and feel will be.  I really love to share photography with my kids.  They ask all sorts of questions about the set-up and make a few clicks themselves.  As you can see, they also get into the spirit of the story line.

This year, the big mystery the kids wanted to unravel when they saw the first shot was "how did you make the wall red!?"  For inquiring minds at home, the main light is a Paul Buff Einstein studio strobe with a medium softbox triggered with Cybersynch's.   The red wash on the wall is a Nikon SB-910 speed light with a red gel on it.  It's placed low and pointed up from camera right.  The SB-910 was set to slave mode so it was triggered by the light of the Einstein strobe.

Above all, this has become a holiday project that we all get excited about and have a lot of fun creating. It's becoming a tradition... and isn't that what the holiday is all about?

This is the final image...

This one was a close second..

Here are a few out takes...

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