Tuesday, September 17, 2013

One Morning in Our Nation's Capital

I left my hotel early and looking down New Jersey Avenue to my right, the dome of the US Capital building made the choice of which way to go pretty simple.  I headed off toward Capital Hill crossing streets easily as the morning commuters were yet to invade.  I made my way through a park, loosening up and picking up the pace.   Aside from other joggers, the police in the area were a noticeable presence.  I hadn't been to Washington in a couple of years and figured this was the new normal in town.

Soon I came to the Capital building and worked my way around to it's iconic steps.  I circled around the reflection pool before heading back to my hotel to get ready for work.  The light of the early day was beautiful and I made photographs with my iPhone along the way.

The time stamp on the first image shows 6:48 a.m.  Less than two hours later and just two miles away, there would be a mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard.  When I learned the news, I immediately thought of my children.  I then thought why do I ever leave them and my safe existence in quiet New Hampshire.  It was a weird feeling to be so close to such an evil and random thing.

I'm glad I made these images the morning of September 16th.  The Capital Building is an inspiring place.  Somehow, looking at them makes me feel better about my time in Washington.  The images make me feel that maybe our country has the strength and wisdom to sort out the problems we have.

Images made with iPhone, Hipstagram and/or Pano.
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