Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Mountain Runner Portrait Project #3: Mountain Gods (and a Goddess)

Mountain Runner Portrait Project #3:
2012 Mt Washington Road Race.

Fast company at the Summit... several US Mountain Running Team members, former Mt Washington Winners, US Mountain Running champs and a World Mountain Running champ. Tommy Manning, Rickey Gates, Jared Scott, Brandy Erholtz, Max King and Jason Bryant.

The rest of the story is that shortly after this photo was made, I saw most of this group and a few other elite runners trot off the summit cone by the Crawford Path. This was a cool down run that mere mortals like myself have a tough time imagining. Rickey Gates made beautiful images of this run and you can find them at

I spent another 30 or 45 minutes on the summit. Then I made the slow drive to down the 8 mile auto road. I had to get home, so I dropped off friends at the base for the post race meal catered by good ol' Hart's Turkey Farm. Turning south on Route 16, I approached the long hill just before Wildcat Mountain, two runners were barreling down the shoulder of highway. It was Max King, 2011 World Mountain Running Champion, and Sage Canaday, the winner of today's Mt Washington Road Race. They were just about to finish their cool down in what most folks do as a full day hike. Remarkable people.

See all the photos from this project as they're posted here...
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