Monday, July 4, 2011

Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace... The Name Says it All

It's been a while since I blogged on a favorite local joint and a post on Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace is long overdue! I get to Columbus, Ohio several times a year and inevitably, I ended up here sampling a tasty hot dog and enjoying friendly company. This time around, I was late getting in to town because of a delayed flight and still hadn't eaten dinner. Dirty Frank's seemed the perfect answer.

Located downtown where there isn't a whole lot else going on at 9:30 at night, Dirty Franks is always full of folks enjoying over 30 different hot dogs, including tofu dogs or brats for those who roll that way. I'm partial to the Whoa Nellie dog with brisket and bbq sauce as well as the Beano (think a hot dog gone loco, taco style with refried beans). Tonight Chili Dogs got the call. My favorite dog on the menu? Probably one I'll never order... The Glenn Beck... aptly described "just a plain, old wiener"

Dirty Frank's is more than a hot dog joint. It's a cultural experience with ONLY local music on the stereo and stylized artwork painted by the owner's brother on the walls. Apparently the artist's cultural references are the same as mine with paintings of athletes from the late 1970's and heavy metal stars of the 80's. Check it out... it's a great local place!







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