Sunday, February 20, 2011

Whiteface Intervale Birch Glade

Winter Birches

I've always loved birch trees. When I was a kid, there were several growing around our house. My second floor bedroom window looked right out at them. My mother's family had roots in Shelburne, NH and we made frequent pilgrimages there, always driving through the famous Shelburne Birches. Even as a kid, I knew that stand of trees was special. If you've driven Route 2 in the last few years, you too are probably sad that the birches there aren't as beautiful as they once were.

This stand is in Whiteface Intervale, NH. The hikers reading this know the area well because of the two prominent Sandwich Range trail heads on Bennett Street. The glade is young but has potential. On this snowy day, it blended with the sky and was striking in it's own unique way.
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