Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Something Happened at The Spider House

The Spider House sits on a quiet street in Grand Lake, Colorado. The intricate woodwork make The Spider House remarkable in form, although nothing hints at the notable history of the cottage.


The house was built by Warren Gregg in the 1890's and is a fine example of the mountain rustic style popular in what was then called Old Grand City.

Warren came west from Indiana in a covered wagon with his bride Mary O'Brien Gregg. The Gregg's lost their first and second sons during the trip and Mary never got over the grief. Other children were born to the Gregg family, but this did little to ease Mary's burden. Warren was frequently away from home and the isolation of the Colorado landscape and winter weather only intensified Mary's depression.


On a sunny day in 1904, when Mary decided she couldn't endure any longer. She used a gun to end her life and that of her children: 3 boys and 1 girl. The master craftsman Warren worked away in his woodshop, unaware of what was happening in The Spider House.


For more information on The Spider House and Mary Gregg, see these links:
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