Thursday, October 1, 2009

Encounters with Giant Corn

The night before last I was lucky enough to avoid my "lonely business man eating a burger at the bar" impression when some new colleagues treated me to Mexican food and some great company. They knew I'm a bit of camera geek and asked if had taken any pictures in Columbus. I hadn't and made a comment about not finding much inspiration in suburban Ohio. After a minute, they told me I should go out to Dublin and check out the giant corn. It stuck me kinda funny that there should be giant corn, but I didnt' think much more about it.

At 5:30 am this morning I was somehow wide awake and guess what I couldn't stop thinking about? There had been a frost overnight and it was cold. I forgot a jacket on this trip and Avis forgot an ice scraper but made the trek anyway. I sort of got lost and ended up battling commuter traffic snarls. But eventually I found it. Amazingly, right in the middle of office park hell the fog revealed giant corn. Get the rest of the story here

Giant Corn II

Giant Corn I
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