Friday, November 14, 2008

The Frontline

In college, there was always an ad in the school paper to work as a canvasser for Greenpeace. If you think there is a war on to save the environment, Greenpiecers canvassing street corners are street fighting armed with clipboards. Some of these new recruits graduate to “actions”. Stuff like protesting at the offices mega-polluters, having sit-ins, blocking logging roads and, for the more adventurous Navy seal type of Greenpeacer, dodging large ships in the open ocean with tiny zodiac boats. You know the boats you see on the old Jacques Cousteau shows.

This is Travis. We had a nice chat about the corporate enemy Kimberly Clark and their refusal to use post consumer recycled content, preferring to destroy old growth forests to make a few tissues. He believes that by mobilizing the masses under the banner of Greenpeace, there can be a better world. Good for Travis.

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