Sunday, April 27, 2008

Black and White Old Home

You can walk from my yard and hike up-slope through my in-law's back 40, sometimes on old skidder paths and sometimes bushwacking. You'll top out on the first ridge after passing the biggest Oak snag you've ever seen and crossing over a property line or two. A road from a 15 year old logging job leads along the ridge. There are deer tracks going down those muddy ruts. Don't be tempted... keep climbing. Over the rocky ledge with the freakishly uniform, square cracks in the granite. Through the opening in the rock wall, around an old wind row of slash and you are in a field, most of the way up a mountain. You turn around to catch your breath and look back towards where you broke out of the woods. Maine and the Atlantic unfolds to the East and the Ossipee Lake watershed is West. Looking back uphill, you see the old homestead and it's a world apart.

I don't noodle with black and white as much as I should, but it seemed to fit here. For more info on what this old homes stuff is all about see this post from March 5th.
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